Abdullah Qureshi’s First Interview! (along with Latest Snow Patrol Video)

Abdullah Qureshi has taken Islamabad, Peshawar and Lahore by storm through his powerful gigs! He is currently enrolled in BS Mass Communication NUST and that is where I got to know the down-to-earth personality behind that mesmerizing voice. He can sing you to tears, he can bring you joy; be it with his rendition of Afreen Afreen or medleys by contemporary western singers. He learnt the guitar as a child and hasn’t stopped strumming ever since. Tall, lean and goofy, he is as friendly as friendly can get. Enjoy the interview! =)

Q.1: What is your absolute favorite place in the world?

My room

Q.2: How does it feel to be famous?
I don’t think I’m “famous” right now, but a little recognition that I got over the the past 2 years is amazing. I always wanted people to go crazy when I’m on stage and that happens now, so its kind of a dream thats coming true.

Q.3: What is the best thing about Pakistan?

Q.4: Where do you want to work after finishing your studies?
I don’t know where, but I see myself as some kind of a video editor in a production company.

Q.5: What is the first word that comes to your mind when you read these words?
1. Creativity: Art
2. Favorite Instrument: Drums
3. Noise: Justin Bieber
4. Love: Family
5. Family: Love
6: Religion: Faith
7: Politics: Violence
8: Movie: Cinema
9: Food: Okay this one actually made me hungry -.-

Q.6: Do you plan to pursue music as the sole career? 
Although my academic career is my first priority and music is just a side project, but if I keep getting good opportunities then why not.

Q.7: Why Bachelors in Mass Communication? 
Because I couldn’t get into engineering 
But now when I’m here doing it, I realised that this is the right field for me.

Q.8: What song of yours did you have most fun singing and are particularly proud of? 
My cover of Afreen Afreen

Q.9: Is there any good singer in your family or are you the gifted-one?
I’m the only one

Q.10: What else makes you happy, besides music?
More music!

Q.11: What was the turning point in your singing career? 
When I entered the studio for the first time and started recording studio quality covers with StageMonks

Q.12: Your most memorable concert?
Definitely KGMC Peshawar, the most interactive and kick ass crowd I’ve ever experienced

Q.13: Who is your inspiration?
Shehzad Roy

Q.14: Do you plan to write songs?
Yes… 2 of them are almost complete, I’m just too lazy to step in the studio.

Q.15: One thing that you want to do before you die? 
There’s a whole list of such things. Jumping in the crowd is one of them 

Q.16: A message for all your fans out there? 
Say no to piracy, keep listening to good music and keep supporting.

Q.17: Your biggest fear?
Being alone in the dark

Q.18: if you could perform with anyone, in the future, who would that be?
Myles Kennedy


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