Momina Mustehsan Interview – A breath of fresh Air for Pakistan

photocredits: Natasha Jahangir

Here is an exclusive interview with Momina Mustehsan, the girl of “Pee Jaun” a song by Farhan Saeed that is likely to stir a storm once it hits the play button! She is down-to-earth, honest and has come a long way from recording school songs in a choir to having very own rendition of Junoon’s Sajna for their 20th Anniversary Album! Being a personal friend from childhood, I remember her performing “Dur” by Strings and cannot help but burst with pride when I listen to her songs that are spreading around the world like wildfire! In this interview I have explored the non-musical side of Momina as well:

Q.1: What is your absolute favorite place in the world? 
Wherever my parents and “home” is, I guess. So for now it’s Kiev, Ukraine.

Q.2: How does it feel to be famous?
Though I wouldn’t want to consider myself famous, I’d just say that it’s a little weird for me for the most part.

Q.3: What is the best thing about New York?
It’s a world of its own.

Q.4: What is the best thing about Pakistan?

Q.5: Where do you want to work after finishing your studies?
It depends on a lot of things. I’m not done with my studies for another 7 years, so I have plenty of time to figure that out lol.

Q.6: What is the first word that comes to your mind when you read these words?

1. Creativity:
2. Instrument: skill
3. Noise: Pakistani political “talk shows”
4. Love: purity
5. Family: precious
6. Religion: hope
7. Politics: drama
8.Food: beyond-amazing (it deserves more than just a word, but I hope the hyphen makes it count as one)
Q.7: Why not pursue music as the sole career?
I have other ambitions and music is just a passion/hobby. Other than that, there aren’t too many people in our country that respect music as a profession.

Q.8: What made you choose biomedical engineering as a major?
It makes spending 4 years of undergrad before med-school worth it. It is very cutting edge, and basically teaches you that you can control or alter almost any natural biological thing/process. And also, you walk out as a professional engineer.

Q.9: What song of yours did you have most fun singing and are particularly proud of?
Pi Jaoun. Took me around 20 minutes to write/compose my part, and another 10-20 to record it. Literally!

Q.10: Is there any good singer in your family or are you the gifted-one?
Both my brothers sing and play various instruments.

Q.11: What else makes you happy, besides music?


Q.12: What was the turning point in your singing career?

When my parents said it was okay for me to do a couple of music projects without getting too involved, and told me that I had their support and how I needed to ignore what others might say about things that I knew were right. But because there was a “can’t get too involved” clause there, they bought me my own studio equipment that I have set-up in my dorm room, so I don’t go to studios for recordingslol. So most of the stuff I do is over the internet.

Q.13: One thing that you want to do before you die?
Perform hajj with my family.

Q.14: A message for all your fans out there? (YES Believe me, there are many)
Live for yourself and the people who really matter to you and actually wish you well. Ignore the rest. Have faith in yourself and stand by what you feel is right; don’t let anyone bring you down. You have all the right to live your life the way you and your family want you to.

Q.15: An advice for the Pakistanis back home?
Pakistan is capable of doing wonders, and has done many in the past. We just need the right leadership right now, and we all need to be honest to ourselves.

A heads up: The girl in the video of Pee Jaun is an Indian Model, it is not the vocalist =)


16 thoughts on “Momina Mustehsan Interview – A breath of fresh Air for Pakistan

  1. I know Momina since our A-level physics classes with Sir Shehyar. i didn’t know at that time that she is such a great musician/singer. May Allah grant her success in every walk of life.

  2. i am song writer….yes you are sing awesome….nice voice..but it can be amazing if you sing my songs.. i am song writer and i have written almost 40 songs mainly on heart broken in urdu,hindi and english..

    i am rapper too….i am romantic but yeah i write romantic songs…

    just take one chance in my lyrics you will love…what i need is a good singer… and i think you are the perfect package…

    i am 18 and i am writing songs since too years..

    i live in ajmer…. india

    please at least reply….

    waiting for your respnse!!!!

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  4. hi
    your vocal quality is good.please dont mind me saying that you need to improve your Urdu accent and your wardrobe for pakistani dresses.Wish you all the success and happiness.

  5. I like your thinking and yes ofcourse we should do what we feel.. But it feels great when you live for others and fulfill their wish..

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